Physics and Astronomy


Photo of Lily AsquithLily Asquith
Senior Lecturer

Photo of Andrea BanfiAndrea Banfi
School Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange

Anna Barnett
Professor of Space Research

Photo of Darren BaskillDarren Baskill

Photo of Conor BolandConor Boland
Course Convenor, MSc Nanomaterials and Energy

Photo of Christian ByrnesChristian Byrnes
School Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Photo of Xavier CalmetXavier Calmet
Professor of Physics

Photo of Alessandro CerriAlessandro Cerri
Professor of Physics
Postgraduate admissions tutor for Experimental Particle Physics, Course Convenor, MSc Physics and MSc Physics with Education

Photo of Alan DaltonAlan Dalton
Professor of Experimental Physics

Photo of Antonella De SantoAntonella De Santo
Professor Of Physics RSW Research MeritAward Holder
School Director of Doctoral Studies

Photo of Jacob DunninghamJacob Dunningham
Professor of Physics
Head of Department

Elisabeth Falk
Senior Lecturer in Experimental Particle Physics
Postgraduate Admissions Tutor for Experimental Particle Physics

Photo of Barry GarrawayBarry Garraway
Professor Of Quantum Physics
Senior Tutor

Photo of Jackie GrantJackie Grant
Senior Teaching Fellow in Physics

Photo of Clark GriffithClark Griffith
Senior Lecturer In Physics

Photo of Jeff HartnellJeff Hartnell
Professor of Physics

Photo of Winfried HensingerWinfried Hensinger
Professor of Quantum Technologies

Photo of Mark HindmarshMark Hindmarsh
Professor of Theoretical Physics

Photo of Stephan HuberStephan Huber
Professor of Physics
Head of Department, Postgraduate admissions tutor for Theoretical Particle Physics

Photo of Ilian IlievIlian Iliev
Professor of Astrophysics
Postgraduate Admissions Tutor for Astronomy and Cosmology, Course Convenor, MSc Astronomy and MSc Cosmology

Photo of Sebastian JaegerSebastian Jaeger
Professor of Theoretical Physics

Photo of Matthias KellerMatthias Keller
Professor of Experimental Physics

Photo of Alice KingAlice King
Lecturer in Applied Materials and Interfaces

Photo of Peter KrugerPeter Kruger
Research Professor of Experimental Physics

Photo of Antony LewisAntony Lewis
Professor of Cosmology

Photo of Daniel LitimDaniel Litim
Professor of Theoretical Physics

Photo of Jonathan LovedayJonathan Loveday
Reader In Astronomy
Postgraduate admissions tutor for Astronomy and Cosmology

Photo of Josh McFaydenJosh McFayden
Research Fellow

Photo of Seb OliverSeb Oliver
Professor of Astrophysics

Photo of Fedja OrucevicFedja Orucevic
Lecturer in Experimental Physics

Photo of Alessia PasquaziAlessia Pasquazi
Visiting Professor

Photo of Marco PecciantiMarco Peccianti
Visiting Profeesor
Course Convenor, MSc Quantum Technology

Photo of Simon PeetersSimon Peeters
Professor of Physics
Director of Student Experience

Photo of Kathy RomerKathy Romer
Professor of Astrophysics
Director of Student Experience, Careers Tutor

Photo of Fabrizio SalvatoreFabrizio Salvatore
Professor of Physics

Photo of Veronica SanzVeronica Sanz
Professor of Physics
Undergraduate Senior Tutor

Photo of Mark SargentMark Sargent
Honorary Reader

Photo of David SeeryDavid Seery
Reader In Mathematics & Physics

Kate Shaw
Lecturer in Experimental Physics

Photo of Robert E SmithRobert E Smith
Admissions Tutor for Undergraduate Courses

Photo of Jose Verdu GalianaJose Verdu Galiana
Reader in Physics

Photo of Iacopo VivarelliIacopo Vivarelli
Professor of Physics
School Director of Teaching and Learning

Photo of Sebastian WeidtSebastian Weidt
Senior Lecturer in Quantum Technologies

Photo of Stephen WilkinsStephen Wilkins
Reader in Astronomy