EPic Laboratory


360° Image Courtesy of Dan Axson, Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), University of Sussex.

High-Energy Sources

Coherent Libra-HELibra

The Libra-HE is a regeneratively amplified Ti:Sapphire source which provides an ultrashort pulse train at 1kHz repetition rate, 100fs duration, 4mJ individual pulse energy at a centre wavelength of 800nm. The Libra is at the heart of our research into the field-matter interactions responsible in the generation of high-intensity terahertz pulses and in the manipulation of terahertz waves for imaging applications. 

Light Conversion TOPAS-TwinsTOPAS

The TOPAS Twins provide two independently tunable optical parametric amplifiers when pumped by the Libra-HE. Each OPA is seeded by the same white light generated from the pump and so each output is phase stable relative to the other and independently tunable between 1160nm and 1600nm. The use of the idler output extends this range from 1600nm to 2600nm for further options into the mid-infrared. 



Coherent Chameleon UltraChameleon II

The Chameleon Ultra II is a high-repetitionrate Ti:Sapphire Oscillator providing 4W average power from an ultrashort pulse train at 80MHz with 140fs duration and is wavelength tunable between 680nm and 1080nm. The Chameleon Ultra II is used in terahertz time-domain spectroscopy applications when a high degree of sensitivity is required and in the development of novel photoconductive antennae. 



Coherent Chameleon CompactOPO OPO

The Chameleon Compact OPO is an optical parametric oscillator which extends the wavelength tunability of the Chameleon Ultra II. The signal output of which provides a tunable wavelength from 1000nm to 1600nm, with the idler option further extending this range from 1750nm to 4000nm.




Optical Comb

Menlo - systems CEO stabilised optical comb             

It is an optical metrological femtosecond-comb source synchronised with a GPS disciplined time reference and several high-power ultrafast outputs at different wavelengths. The unit generates frequency locked optical spectral lines with frequency fractional accuracy approaching 10-13 on several different wavelength bands.