Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing


The Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Group have expert knowledge in finite element methods, partial differential equations, high-performance computing, optimisation and optimal control. The group have an established track record in the applications areas of physics, economics and finance, biology and engineering. Specialist areas include: fluid dynamics, nonlinear elasticity, risk assessment for the banking industry, option price analysis, smart energy networks, electrical storage, numerical methods for nonlinear equations, adaptive methods for evolution equations, computational models for hydrogeological flows and flood risk assessment.

Current research directions comprise

  • adaptive methods and a posteriori error estimates for finite element methods,
  • free boundary problems,
  • inverse problems,
  • numerical methods for optimal control problems,
  • numerical methods for high dimensional problems.
  • numerical methods for nonlinear partial differential equations,
  • optimisation with PDE constraints,

Applications include

  • simulation of biological and medical phenomena,
  • environmental risk computation,
  • fluid-dynamics and engineering.
  • engineering problems.

NASC has leading experts in finite element methods and related areas.

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