Materials Physics Group

People and contacts

Dalton Group

Prof Alan Daltonphoto of Alan Dalton

Professor of Experimental Physics

Dr Matthew LargeML

Research Fellow

Enabling materials for electrical and thermal applications

Dr Peter LynchLynch

Research Fellow

Electrochemical devices and energy storage

Dr Manoj TripathiTripathi

Research Fellow

Nanoscale characterisation

Dr Sean Ogilviesean

Research Fellow

Liquid processing for (opto)electronics

Dr Aline Amorim Grafaline

Research Fellow

Spectroscopic metrics for high-throughput 2D materials characterisation

Marcus O'MaraO'Mara

Research Student

Functional composites from nanosheet-stabilised emulsions

Cheuk Long Lee (Frank)superfrank

Research Student

Strain and doping in graphene, MoS2 and their heterostructures

Abdullah Alghamdiabdullah

Research Student

Charge transfer hybrids of 2D materials

Keiran Cliffordkeiranclifford

Research Student

High-conductivity surfactant-exfoliated graphene for electrical and electrochemical applications

Hannah Woodhannahwood

Research Student

Surfactant-exfoliated semiconducting nanosheets for optoelectronic applications

King Group

Dr Alice Kingaakk

Lecturer in Applied Materials and Interfaces

Rhiannon Harriesharries

Research Student

Biological interfaces with nanomaterial thin films

Christopher Brownchrisbrown

Research Student

Nanomaterials in three dimensions for biological applications

Boland Group

Dr Conor Bolandconor

Lecturer in Materials Physics

Cencen Weicencenwei

Research Student

Adel Aljarid

Research Student


Former members

Anne Sehnal

Research Technician

Dr Yuanyang Rong

Research Fellow

Dr Seb Nufer

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Researcher

Dr Manuela Meloni

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Researcher

Dr Giuseppe Fratta

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Researcher