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Sussex scientists develop air quality sensor that could save the lives of babies and asthma sufferers

25 August 2020

University of Sussex physicists have helped to develop a highly sensitive, affordable and accurate Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) sensor.

Why nanomaterial quality matters, and the smart new way to check it

12 August 2020

A new way to check the quality of nanomaterials like graphene has emerged from a team at the University of Sussex.

The sensitive strain sensor that can detect the weight of a feather

4 June 2020

Physicists have created the most sensitive strain sensor ever made, capable of detecting a feather's touch.

Research laboratories prepare for partial reopening

29 May 2020

Health and safety measures and guidance have been put in place so that some research laboratories on campus can re-open today and early next week.

Pretty as a peacock: The gemstone for the next generation of smart sensors

19 May 2020

Scientists have taken inspiration from the biomimicry of butterfly wings to develop a material for the next generation of smart sensors.

£1 million for nanotech: invisibility cloaks, smart tyres and supermarket tags

19 March 2020

Funding for University of Sussex nanotech research could bring invisibility cloaks, smart tyres and retail tags

Materials Physics Research Fellow selected to attend 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting

11 March 2020

Research Fellow Dr Sean Ogilvie has been offered a place at the 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting in Germany from 28 June to 3 July 2020

Blue sky inking: How nanomaterials could lower retail waste and speed up the stock take

11 February 2020

Sussex experts, an SME & the world’s largest retail company team up to understand how quantum digital tech could revolutionise the retail sector.

New Blueprint for nanomaterial development offers hope to newborns, elderly and busy doctors

12 December 2019

Scientist hopes nanomaterial development ‘blueprint’ leads to a new golden age of healthcare.

Sussex really does Love Quantum

15 July 2019

Sussex Loves Quantum was a great success in launching the Sussex Programme for Quantum Research

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