Systematic reviews

The library has revised the support it gives to groups of researchers carrying out externally funded Systematic Reviews. If you are conducting a Systematic Review, we ask that you inform the Research Support team at or 01273 877941 (x7941).

If you tell us we can:

  • ensure that the Systematic Review does not adversely impact on your personal ILR allowance - we can note that the increased number of ILRs being placed through an account is for a Systematic Review and organise some flexibility around collecting ILRs which were placed by another member of the research team.
  • fulfil requests more effectively - advance knowledge of Systematic Reviews taking place means we can allocate staffing resources appropriately based on the anticipated number of requests. We can then give you a realistic turnaround time for requests.
  • gather useful information for future Systematic Reviews - historically there was no clear picture of how many ILRs submitted were for Systematic Reviews. The new system clearly distinguishes between departmental ILRs and those for Systematic Reviews. This means you have an accurate picture of the actual number of requests submitted for each review.

We hope that this  policy will simplify procedures and allow the Library to support this research activity most effectively.