Charges and loan periods

  • Interlibrary Requests obtained within the UK are free of charge up to the following limit per year (limits run from 1st September - 31st August):

    • 20 Interlibrary Requests for undergraduates
    • 50 requests for postgraduates, academic and research staff
    • 5 requests for associate members of staff

      Once the annual limit has been reached requests will be charged at the full rate of £18.00 for a loan and £12.00 for a photocopy.
  • If you have requested a book, we will offer access to an ebook where available or alternatively a print copy will be sourced from another library.

  • Most Interlibrary Requests are supplied to us by the British Library Document Supply Centre within a week. We will notify you by email if there is likely to be a delay obtaining an item. 

  • Most loans are available for a four-week loan period. A charge of £5.00 will apply for any renewals. All renewed Interlibrary Requests are subject to recall and one week's notice will be sent to the borrower if the loan period is reduced by the lending library.

  • Please return Interlibrary Loans promptly. Fines on overdue Interlibrary loans are 50p per day per item, to a maximum of £10.00 per item. An invoice warning notice will be sent out seven days after an Interlibrary loan is overdue. Failure to return overdue items within seven days of this notice will result in an invoice charge being raised for the British Library standard charge of £182.80.


Additional services and charges:

  • obtaining a loan of an item from abroad - £20
  • obtaining a photocopy of an article from abroad - £10
  • obtaining a loan of an item not related to you University work - £18.00
  • obtaining a photocopy of an item not related to your University work - £12.00

If you would like Interlibrary Request charges to be cross-charged to an expenditure code, vouchers can be ordered from the Interlibrary Request office using the ILR Vouchers Request Form.

Interlibrary loans requested by external borrowers will be for use in the Library only (£18.00)