Content Strategy

The Library’s Content Strategy sets out our approach to the management and development of our content and collections.

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We have categorised our print and digital content into distinct collections, each with its own policy for management and development:

  • Special Collections
  • Legacy Collection
  • Teaching and Research Collection
  • University-generated content


Our Content Strategy is set within the context of a rapidly changing external environment:

  • Changes in scholarly communication, in particular the shift to an open publishing environment;  
  • Demand for curation of digital content in open and reusable formats;
  • Evolving models for publishing and acquisition of content;
  • Pressure on Library space and budgets;
  • Changes in University teaching and research priorities and practice;
  • Evolving student requirements for different types of content.


In developing and managing our content, we will:

  • Teaching materials will be delivered digitally where available unless alternative formats are required for accessibility and pedagogical reasons.
  • Participate in national collaborative initiatives to increase access to content for our users and to inform retention;
  • Explore and exploit new and existing publishing and delivery models to ensure value for money and an efficient approach;
  • Ensure discoverability of all our content through our own and external discovery tools, including investment in excellent metadata;
  • Focus on the active curation and preservation of our content in line with collection policy;
  • Ensure that our collections reflect the current teaching and research requirements of the University through close liaison with our user community;
  • In support of our community and strategic goals, our preferred method is to provide content that is sustainable, open and accessible for all.

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