Bee Poetry

In response to the University of Sussex calls for funding to carry out research to save the honeybees from the deadly mite Varroa and the diminishing amount of wild habitat and forage, Don Filliston kindly composed this poem.

Honey bees


The poem below was written by Mrs Anne Cavill of the Dean Forest Beekeepers (DFB) of Gloucestershire, England. What do you think? The DFB gave a copy to Professor Ratnieks when he gave a talk to the Gloucestershire Beekeepers in March 2011, and we have since pinned it up inside LASI. For the past two years the DFB have also been supporting the Sussex Plan of Honey Bee Health and Wellbeing with an annual donation.

 The Waggle Dance


Don Filliston kindly sent a copy of a new poem, he says 'After the Bee poem, I thought you might like this one on our campaign to save the heather' .

Our Heathland Heritage