Training and advice

Beekeeping, like the keeping of any livestock, involves a responsibility on the part of the owner to look after the welfare of their animals to the highest possible standards. This inevitably requires a certain degree of knowledge, but many beekeepers find the bees' world so fascinating that they want to find out much more about their charges. Many beekeeping associations offer beekeeping courses, at a variety of levels. 

For those keen on obtaining qualifications, the British Beekeepers Association offers a structured series of examinations.

These range upwards from the Basic, a kind of "driving test" for beekeepers, which anybody who has kept bees for a couple of seasons should contemplate. For under 16s there is the Junior Certificate. Above this, a system of both practical and modular written examinations operate, leading to the award of General Certificate in Beekeeping Husbandry, Advanced Certificate in Beekeeping Husbandry, Intermediate Theory Certificate, and Advanced Theory Certificate, leading ultimately to the title of Master Beekeeper.

At the highest level is a course leading to the National Diploma in Beekeeping