The Global Income Inequality Project


Sussex - The National Archives Teacher Scholar Scheme


We have a partnership with The National Archives Education Department which will allow us to disseminate the results of our research to secondary school pupils across Britain. We have worked with teachers and students to develop lesson plans on world inequality which will be freely available online to teachers.

The British Living Standards Project, co-ordinated by many of the same team members, successfully produced teaching resources related to living standards in Britain, now available through The National Archives.

During the Autumn of 2017, a group of eight teachers (7 secondary school, 1 primary) from schools in the United Kingdom participated in the Sussex-National Archives Teacher Scholar Scheme.  

The programme for this scheme can be found here: Sussex-TNA Teacher Scholar Scheme Programme [PDF 299.27KB].

The University of Sussex course outline for this programme can be found here: Sussex Global Inequality Teacher Scholar Course [PDF 153.64KB]

Later in 2018, the teaching resources developed by the teachers on this programme will be downloadable from The National Archives Educatiion website.

The National Archives Sussex Teacher scholar site can be found here : Sussex Teacher Scholar 2

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