Centre for Global Health Policy

Global Biomedical Informatics: Innovation, Governance, Societal Engagement

Rising Powers Policy Workshop
Wednesday 18 February 2015
University of Sussex, Building Arts C, Room Number 333

Invitation only

The heralded revolutions in global medicine and healthcare fuelled by the life sciences and genomics require the harnessing of the ever-increasing waves of data that are being generated, through development and deployment of informatics tools, databases and data interpretation. There is a need to better understand the governance and steering of bioinformatics by national governments’ and other governance actors’ on the global stage. Social and scientific trends such as open access and consumerisation underpin developments in the field. This workshop addresses this challenge by bringing together a range of stakeholders from national and international bioinformatics initiatives, private sector bioinformatics services, genomic scientists and social scientists studying the field. Key topics for discussion include: Issues of disciplinary work and skills in bioinformatics and computational biology; Role of global centres of bioinformatics innovation; Educational and investment policies; Role of citizen and academic engagement; Data privacy; Open innovation, IP and data ownership;  Outsourcing patterns; Genomic-clinical data linkage.

Organised by members of the ESRC Rising Powers ‘State strategies of governance in global medical biotech innovation: the impact of China and India’, KCL and University of Sussex.

Read our Programme [PDF 350.30KB] and Participant List [PDF 396.42KB].

If you have any interest in this workshop, please contact Workshop Organiser Saheli Datta sd2355@caa.columbia.edu.


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