Centre for Global Health Policy

Beyond the Eurozone Crisis - Videos


Welcome and Opening Remarks:

Stephen Matlin                        Co-Chair, Global Health Europe

John Wyn Owen                      Non-Executive Director, Health Protection Agency

                                                Conference Chair

Panel 1: Europe for Global Health


Andrew Jack                           Financial Times


Nick Tomlinson                       Head of International Affairs, Department of Health, London

Beatrice Nere                         Program Officer, Global Policy and Advocacy, European Office,

                                               Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Chris Brookes                         Director of Programmes & Partnership, Health Action Partnership International



Panel 2: Global Health for Europe


Andrew Jack                        Financial Times


Richard Bergström                Director General, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries & Associations

Anthony Kessel                     Director of Public Health Strategy, UK Health Protection Agency

Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett         Executive Chair, Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London