Photo of Craig LindCraig Lind
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Family Law, Child Law, Gender, Sexuality and Family Regulation.

I am interested in issues of (domestic, international and comparative) family law. These range from the (particularly financial) responsibilities that adults take for one another and the way in which the law reflects those responsibilities in its rules, to the ideas that inform the nomination, in law, of people as parents. Amongst other things, I have written on unmarried cohabition, the redistribution of assets and financial responsibility on divorce, parental status and parental responsibility, and responsibility for decision making relating to older people. My general interest is in exploring the relationship between the responsibility people take for 'family' members and the legal allocation of responsibility. And I have aways been interested in the role that the law takes in contributing to the construction of family relationships. 

I am also interested in research which touches on the contours of the relationship between family law, gender and sexuality and culture. I have done some research on the way in which sexual identity is understood in other cultures (both within western legal jurisdictions and outside of them) and the ways in which western (particularly family) regulatory regimes impact upon those identities. 

Finally, I have interests in those aspects of Equity, Medical Law, Tort Law and Public law particularly as they affect families and family relationships.