Foundations of Software Systems (FoSS)


3 May 2017

Julien Lange (Imperial),  Building Graphical Choreographies From Communicating Machines: Principles and Applications

 15 February 2017

Alex Kavvos (Oxford), On the Semantics of Intensionality

17 June 2016

Dominic Orchard (University of Cambridge), TBC

10 June 2016

Aydin Rajaei (University of Sussex), GSAF: Efficient and Flexible Geocasting for Opportunistic Networks

3 June 2016

Peter Schrammel (University of Sussex), An Introduction to Automated Formal Verification

27 May 2016

Andrei Popescu (Middlesex University London), CoCon - A Conference Management System with Verified Confidentiality

13 May, 2016

Scott Owens (University of Kent), The CakeML verified compiler

12th June 2015

Vassilis Sourlas (UCL), Information resilience through user-assisted caching in disruptive Content-Centric Networks

17th April 2015

Luca Cardelli (Microsoft Research and University of Oxford), Molecular Programming

1st October 2015

Neil Jones (Department of Computer Science (DIKU), University of Copenhagen), Programs = Data = First-class citizens in a computational world

26th February 2014

Ioannis Psaras (UCL), Name-based replication priorities in disaster cases

29th May 2013
Peter Schuster (Leeds University), Conceptual Mathematics under Computational Scrutiny

20th February 2013

Laurie Tratt (KCL), Meta-Programming

20th February 2013

Christos Efstratiou (Cambridge University) Sense and Sensibility in a Pervasive World: People-centric sensing in sensor-rich environments.

13th February 2013

Neal Lathia (Cambridge University) Sensor Data: from Experience Sampling to Urban Recommendations

6th February 2013

Laura Bocchi (Leicester University) Concurrency and persistency in the design and verification of distributed protocol

30th January 2013

Susmit Sarkar (Cambridge University) From C/C++11 to Power and ARM: What is Shared-Memory Concurrency Anyway?

7th June 2012

Ben Horsfall (FoSS, Sussex), Verifying the reflective visitor pattern

1st February 2012

Guy McCusker (University of Bath), Constructing Differential Categories and Deconstructing Categories of Games

25th November 2011

Jim Laird (Bath University), A semantics-based calculus for higher-order computation with imperative effects

Friday 23rd September 2011

Matthew Hennessy (Trinity College Dublin). Liveness and Safety for Communicating Transactions.

Wednesday 18th May 2011

Monika Seisenberger (Swansea). Programs from Proofs

Wednesday 27th April 2011

Gareth Smith (Imperial College). Local Reasoning for JavaScript

Wednesday 20th April 2011

James Stanier (Sussex). Compiling with the Value State Dependence Graph

Wednesday 23rd March 2011

Ben Horsfall (Sussex). Verification of reflective programs using a logic for higher-order store

Tuesday 1st March 2011

Hongseok Yang (Queen Mary). Program analysis for overlaid data structures

Wednesday 23rd February 2011

Jan Schwinghammer (Uni Saarbruecken). Step-indexed Kripke Models over Recursive Worlds

Friday 18th February 2011

James Stanier (Sussex). A study of irreducibility in C programs

Wednesday 27th January 2011

Thomas Streicher (TU Darmstadt). A Model of Intensional Type Theory in SSet

Wednesday 12th January 2011

Tjark Weber (Cambridge). Integrating SAT, QBF and SMT Solvers with Interactive Theorem Provers

Wednesday 24th November 2010

James Brotherston (Imperial College London). Undecidability of Propositional Separation Logic and its Neighbours

Wednesday 3rd November 2010

Nominal Techniques in the Theorem Prover Isabelle, or How Not to be Intimidated by the Variable Convention



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