Centre for Innovation and Research in Childhood and Youth

New frontiers in qualitative longitudinal methods: definition, design and display

The Methodological Innovation Network was funded by the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) and brought together parties central to different histories of QLR, along with a new generation of researchers for whom temporal perspectives enable a range of interdisciplinary and emergent research practices.

Five events took place over a twelve month period hosted by institutions across mainland Britain. Key themes explored included interdisciplinary, ethics, durational phenomena, practice traditions and forms of representation and display. The series involved seminars and linked workshops aimed at doctoral and early career researchers.

  1. Interdisciplinary perspectives on continuity and change: what counts as QLR?
    QUEST, University of Southampton
    15/16 November 2012
    Speakers include Lois Weis (Buffalo), Jeanine Anderson-Roos (Catholic University, Peru) and Professor Graham Crow (Southampton).
  2. Research relationships in time
    University of Cardiff
    7/8 February 2013
    Speakers include Natasha Mauthner (Aberdeen), Heather Elliott (Institute of Education), Rebecca Taylor (Real Times) and Tess Ridge (Bath)
  3. (Re)conceptualising the object of QLR: duration and seriality
    CRESC, University of Manchester
    18/19 March 2013
    Speakers include Andrew Abbott (Chicago) and Liz Stanley (Edinburgh)
  4. QLR and practice traditions
    Birkbeck College, University of London
    13/14 June 2013
    Speakers include Valerie Walkerdine (Cardiff), Belinda Mandelbaum (Sao Paulo), Jennifer Wakelyn (Tavistock), Richard Layzell, Lisa Baraitser (Birkbeck), Simon Bayly, Jo Kellerher and Terry O'Connor (Roehampton)
  5. The child in time: animating ideas of development and transition
    CIRCY, University of Sussex
    12th September 2013
    Speakers include Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen (Oslo), Pamela Thurschwell (Sussex), Bruce Bennett (Lancaster), Jette Kofoed (Denmark), Virginia Morrow (Oxford) and Mary Robson
     NB: On 11th September there will be a writing workshop for PhD students and Early Career Researchers

New Frontiers in QLR was convened by Rachel Thomson (University of Sussex) working with Lisa Baraister (Birkbeck), Ros Edwards (Southampton), Karen Henwood (Cardiff), Janet Holland (London South Bank), Liz Stanley (Edinburgh) and Rebecca Taylor (Birmingham).

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