Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER)

Checklist for reflexive internationalisation

  1. Does your institution have an internationalisation policy? If so, are issues concerning international staff included?
  1. Does your institution collect statistics on international staff? If so, what information do you collect e.g. country of origin, role, gender, discipline etc?
  1. Are data on international staff cross tabulated with any other data sources in your institution e.g. retention, promotion, equality and diversity, performance review pay, gender pay gap etc?
  1. Does your institution provide any of the following for international staff:
  • Induction
  • Mentoring Programmes
  • Buddying Schemes
  • Practical Support e.g. assistance with accommodation, familiarisation with neighbourhood, UK HE system etc.
  • Financial support e.g. earmarked funding for conference attendance for international academics?
  • Language support
  • Social Activities
  1. Are any of the above evaluated? If so, how?
  1. How do you know about:
  • How international staff are experiencing your institution?
  • What support needs international staff have?
  1. Which part of your institution works most closely with supporting international staff? Do they liaise/ inform other services/ departments?
  1. Does your institution provide any training on internationalisation? Does this include working with international staff? What does the course cover?
  1. What do you believe are the major issues/ challenges confronting international staff in your institution?
  1. What interventions would you like to develop in your institution for international staff?