Dynamics, Control and Vehicle Research Group

Derek Atherton

Nonlinear integrators, nonlinear compensators, and applicability to suspension systems.

Emeritus Professor Derek Atherton has published two books with bookboon [1,2] relatively recently and he is currently working on a third book, containing worked examples and problems with answers, to support these books.

Writing the second book has further stimulated his interest in nonlinear problems and he has several ideas for further research.  Initially he is concentrating on studies of nonlinear integrators and nonlinear compensators.  He has some provisional results on the former and, in cooperation with Dr Argyrios Zolotas, they are considering their applicability to suspension systems.

  1.  Atherton, D.P. Control Engineering  2009 Bookboon publications at Bookboon.
  2.  Atherton, D.P. An Introduction to Nonlinearity in Control Systems  2011 Bookboon publications at Bookboon.