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Kofi Mawuli Klu

Kofi Mawuli KluKofi Mawuli Klu is an Independent Scholar-Activist Researcher, Community Advocate and Educationist who specialises in Pan-Afrikan Community Law-related matters of Global Citizenship Education, particularly those of Decoloniality Cognitive Justice in the ‘glocal’ upholding, defence and promotion of Human, Peoples’ and Mother Earth Rights. A Jurisconsult in terms of professional educational background, he champions Law as Resistance in the best traditions of the School of Critical Legal Praxis in his multidimensional and multifaceted Community Advocacy work in various roles in and beyond the United Kingdom. He brings to these roles his vast didactic experience of continuing to work for many years at local, national and international levels within a wide array of organisations, networks and campaigns. Among the various positions of distinguished service he held were the Chair of the Management Committee of the Brixton Community Law Centre (BCLC), in the London Borough of London, going on to become the National Secretary of the Law Centres Federation (LCF) of the United Kingdom, and also serving as the International Coordinator of the Jubilee 2000 AFRICAMPAIGN as well as a Joint Coordinator of Rendezvous of Victory (ROV). Foremost among the numerous organisations, networks and campaigns in which he is currently involved, mostly based in Europe and Afrika, are the PANAFRIINDABA Grassroots Pan-Afrikan Community Advocacy, Research and Think Tank, the ASASEYAAMMA Pan-Afrikan Green Campaign for Global Justice, the Global Justice Forum (GJF), the Pan-Afrikan Community Educational Services (PACES), the UBUNTUMAFUNZOSA Pan-Afrikan Campaign for Popular Education, the Pan-Afrikan Fora International Support Coordinating Council (PAFISCC), the Pan-Afrikan Reparations Coalition in Europe (PARCOE), the Afrikan Reparations Transnational Community of Practice (ARTCoP), the Activism and Academia Fora International Movement (AAFIM) and the Grassroots South-North Internationalist Forum (GRASSNIF).

Email: Mawusafo@yahoo.com

Website: www.panafriindaba.wordpress.com

Areas of Research Interest and Key Matters of Scholar-Activist Practice

The most relevant to CWEH include:

Pan-Afrikan Community Law; Pan-Afrikanism; Pan-Afrikan Reparations for Global Justice; Pan-Afrikan Knowledge Inclusion in Global Citizenship Education; Liberation Theology for Global Justice Conscientization; Pan-Afrika, Global Apartheid Spatial Racism, Geopolitics, Political Ecology and Pluriversality in Global Justice Studies; Critical Law-Related Education; Grassroots Lawyering in International Community Defence of Human, Peoples’ and Mother Earth Rights; Legal and Extra-Legal Freedomfighting; Law and Communities of Resistance; Earth Jurisprudence;