Centre for World Environmental History

Historical Climatology

10th September 2014 at the University of Sussex

Location and Time

Silverstone Building, Room SB 327

10am start


  1. Roundtable introductions (few minutes each)

  2. The purpose of a consortium/ what we hope to achieve

  3. Focus and scope of the consortium

  4. Funding/ bids and ideas roundtable

  5. Follow up meetings (broader constituency and internationalisation)


Dr. Neil Macdonald - Senior Lecturer, Geography and Planning, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool

Neil Macdonald

Dr. George Adamson - Lecturer in Geography, Department of Geography, Kings College London

 George Adamson

Dr. Julie Jones - Lecturer in Climatology, Department of Geography, University of Sheffield   

 Julie Jones

Dr. Erica Hendy - Lecturer in Biogeochemical Cycles, School of Biological Studies and School Of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol

 Erica Hendy

Prof. David Nash – Professor of Physical Geography, School of Environment and Technology, University of Brighton

 David Nash

Dr. Yi Wang - Lecturer in Climate Change (Geography), University of Sussex

 Yi Wang

Prof. Martin Todd - Professor in Climate Change (Geography), University of Sussex

 Martin Todd

Prof. Rob Allan, International ACRE Initiative, Project Manager, Met Office Hadley Centre

 Rob Allan

Dr. Mick Frogley - Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography (Geography), University of Sussex

 Mick Frogley

Dr. Eddie Graham - Lecturer and Meteorologist, University of the Highlands and Islands

 Eddie Graham

Dr. Kieran Hickey – Lecturer, Department of Geography, National University of Ireland

 Kieran Hickey

Dr. Vinita Damodaran - Senior Lecturer, History (International Development) and Senior Lecturer, South Asian History (History), Centre for World Environmental History, University of Sussex

 Vinita Damodaran

Mr Matthew Hannaford – Department of Geography, University of Sheffield

 Matthew Hannaford

Ms Fiona Carroll - Climate Communication and Met Office Academic Partnership (MOAP) Manager, Met Office Hadley Centre

 Fiona Carroll

Prof. Georgina Endfield – Professor of Environmental History, Faculty of Social Sciences, School of Geography, University of Nottingham

 Georgina Endfield

Prof. Dominic Kniveton - Head of Department (School of Global Studies), Professor of Climate Science and Society (Geography, Sussex Centre for Migration Research), University of Sussex

 Dominic Kniveton

Prof. Rob Illiffe - Professor of Intellectual History and History of Science (History, Centre for Intellectual History, Centre for Early Modern and Medieval Studies), University of Sussex

 Rob Illiffe
 Prof. Nick Groom - Department of English, University of Exeter  Nick Groom