PhD placements and awards

See how your organisation could benefit from the latest research, and access potential future employees or research collaborators, by sponsoring a student's short-term or fully funded long-term PhD placement.

Student in a lab at the University of Sussex

Funding a PhD placement or award

Your company or organisation could benefit from:

Offering a short-term PhD placement

A doctoral research student, on either an industrial or research placement, can bring key academic skills and knowledge to your organisation. Our graduates are working at the cutting-edge of their disciplines, researching innovative solutions and novel ideas to some of the most critical issues facing the world today. Short-term PhD placements tend to last three months.

Fully funding a PhD

Studentships are a great way to develop on-going partnerships which tap into our innovative research expertise and facilities. PhD studentships can be fully sponsored or jointly funded with a research council funding bid in collaboration with the University of Sussex. A fully-funded PhD tends to last three to four years.

PhD student built library of new compounds to help cancer research

Raysa Khan, a University of Sussex Chemistry PhD student working in the lab of Professor John Spencer, has built a library of benzodiazepine (BD2) type compounds, which could help cancer research. Khan spent three months at the Tocris labs working on the development of a BDZ-based probe, a reagent used in chemical analysis.

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