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Mao’s Lost Children: Stories Of The Rusticated Youth Of China's Cultural Revolution

2 December
Arts C175

Laura Maynard, Andrew Crisell, Professor Magnus Marsden and Maurizio Marinelli

Join us for discussion and nibbles at the launch of a fascinating new collection of memoirs written by more than fifty Chinese who as young people during the rule of Mao Zedong were rusticated to Hainan Island to clear the jungle for rubber plantations. Their unique, first-hand insights into this turbulent period of China’s recent history are also a moving testimony to the indomitable nature of the human spirit.  Mao’s Lost Children



This event is co-sponsored by the Sussex Asia Centre.

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 Mao's Lost Children

'The ox-cart was the main means of transport'. Taken in 1972 by CHEN Hongbo

'The ox-cart was the main means of transport'. Taken in 1972 by CHEN Longsheng