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Lives in Colour: Pioneering Women in Colour History

Celebrating International Colour Day 2023
Online event, organised by the Interdisciplinary Colour Association (ICA) Belgium
Sunday 19 March 2023

On March 19 2023, ICA-Belgium celebrates International Colour Day (ICD) with an online event. ICD celebrations aim to develop awareness of the importance of colour phenomena and culture in the broad domains of Art and the Humanities, Science, and Technology. For this occasion we have invited several guest speakers, each of whom is an expert in colour in their field. We invite you to sit back and enjoy our talks with Anat Lechner (Huedata Inc), Julia Hausmann (Farbarchitektur), and Alexandra Loske (museum curator).

Lives in Colour: Pioneering Women in Colour History

Dr Alexandra Loske will present a talk on her research project, supported by the Centre for Life History and Life Writing Research:

Lives in colour: Pioneering women in colour history

We associate many milestones in colour history with men, for example Isaac Newton, George Field, Goethe, Chevreul, Itten, Kandinsky and many others. Examples of women writing about colour are rare before the twentieth century. In this talk Alexandra Loske will introduce some women who wrote and published on colour and colour theory in the 19th and early 20th century and investigate what motivated them and how they claimed their place in the colour canon.

More information on the event here: https://ica-belgium.org/events/international-colour-day-2023-belgium/#alexandra-loske-lives-in-colour-pioneering-women-in-colour-history