Centre for Global Political Economy

International partnerships

Autonomous University of Zacatecas, Mexico

In 2019, the Centre for Global Political Economy (CGPE) and the Department of International Development at the University of Sussex entered an informal cooperative agreement with the Critical Development Studies Unit, Autonomous University of Zacatecas, Mexico. This agreement is designed to generate research and teaching opportunities for colleagues at PhD level and upwards at both institutions.

Depending on funding obtained, our objectives are to:

· Enable doctoral students to receive informal supervision from faculty at both institutions.

· Enable post-doctoral students to conduct research at both institutions, entailing up to a year spent at the partner institution.

· Enable faculty to engage in joint grant bids and research.

· Facilitate faculty mobility: We aim to facilitate short visits for faculty to undertake teaching.

Please note: No funds are currently available for these initiatives and they will have to be sought by interested parties.

If you are interested in participating in this initiative, in the first instance please contact Benjamin Selwyn at Sussex (b.selwyn@sussex.ac.uk) or Edgar Zayago at Zacatecas (zayagolau@uaz.edu.mx)

Socio-Legal Studies Centre, Universidad Libre, Colombia

CGPE has a longstanding connection with the Socio-Legal Research Centre at the Universidad Libre, going back to 2016 when we launched the project: Righting Corporate Wrongs: Building Mutual Capacity to Address Extractivism and Human Rights.

This project, funded by the Sussex Social Science Impact Fund, was co-organised between the two universities, alongside a number of social movement partners. It resulted in the publication of a book in Spanish and English: Righting Corporate Wrongs: Extractivism, Impunity and Strategic Use of Law (London: War on Want, 2019) and Cómo reparar las injusticias cometidas por los empresarios: extractivismo, impunidad empresarial y uso estratégico del derecho (Bogotá: Palma Arismendi Colección Académica, 2021).

Our two centres continue to collaborate on initiatives emerging from this project, including a series of events on Law, Violence and Development from 2021