Cancer Network



Marcus Allen Reader in Pharmacology and Therrapeutics University of Brighton
Houria Bachtarzi Lecturer in Biomolecular Pharmaceutics University of Brighton
Sarah Bastow   NHS
Alessandro Bianchi Senior lecturer in Genome Damage and Stability University of Sussex
David Bloomfield   NHS
Lucas Bowler Senior Lecturer University of Brighton
Kevin Boyd   NHS
Juliet Brock   NHS
Keith Caldecott Professor of Biochemistry University of Sussex
Tony Carr Director of Genome Damage and Stability Centre University of Sussex
Stefano Caserta Research Fellow in Infection & Immunology BSMS
Tim Chevassut Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Haematology BSMS
Tim Corbett   NHS
Antonia Creak   NHS
Christopher Dalley   NHS
Jessica Downs Professor of Genome Stability University of Sussex
Lesley Fallowfield Professor of Psycho Oncology University of Sussex
Joan Farrer Director of the Design Research Initiative (DR-i) University of Brighton
Melanie Flint Senior Lecturer University of Brighton
Annamaria Gal Senior Lecturer University of Brighton
Duncan Gilbert   NHS
Helena Harder Research Fellow University of Sussex
Rebecca Herbertson   NHS
Valerie Jenkins Senior Research Fellow and deputy Director of SHORE-C University of Sussex
Rosalynd Johnson   NHS
Brian Jones Principal Research Fellow  & Head of Research Development at Queen Victoria Hospital University of Brighton
Chris Jones Research Fellow BSMS
Florian Kern Professor of Immunology Deputy Director of Research & Director of Research Lab at CIRU BSMS
Sandeep Kumar PhD student and technician University of Brighton
Kate Lankester   NHS
Darren Le Grand Research Fellow University of Sussex
Andrew Lewis Director of Research & Development Biocompatibles UK
Caroline Manetta   NHS
Yella Martin Research Fellow University of Brighton
Fiona McKinna   NHS
Name Institution
Steve Meikle Research Fellow University of Brighton
Anjum Memon  Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Public Health Medicine BSMS
Tony Metcalfe  Professor of Burns & Wound Healing Research University of Brighton
Kathryn Monson Senior Trials Co-Ordinator University of Sussex
Simon Morley Professor of Signal Transduction  University of Sussex
Adrian Moss   NHS
Charlotte Moss   NHS
Sarah Newbury Reader in Cell Biology BSMS
Keng Ng Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics University of Sussex
Ashok Nikapota   NHS
Mark O'Driscoll Professor of Human Molecular Genetics University of Sussex
Gargi Patel   NHS
Bhavik Patel  Senior Lecturer in Chemistry University of Brighton
Laurence Pearl Professor of Structural Biology  University of Sussex
Malcolm Reed Honorary Consultant in Surgical Oncology BSMS
Angus Robinson Consultant in Clinical Oncology NHS
Irina Savina Senior Lecturer Chemistry University of Brighton
Greg Scutt   University of Brighton
Elizabeth Selvadurai   NHS
Nigel Sherriff  Clinical Principal Lecturer University of Brighton
Valerie Shilling   NHS
Richard Simcock   NHS
Joanna Simpson   NHS
Alison Sinclair Professor of Molecular Virology  University of Sussex
Joanna Stokoe   NHS
Nadia Terrazini   BSMS
Mark Tuthill   NHS
Simon Ward Professor of Medicinal Chemistry  University of Sussex
Felicity Watts Reader in Biochemistry University of Sussex
Andrew Webb   NHS
Michelle West  Reader in Biochemistry University of Sussex
Sarah Westwell   NHS
Anthony Williams   NHS
David Wright   NHS
Mark Yeoman  Reader in Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences University of Brighton
Maria Zabolotskaya  Research Fellow BSMS