Services for business organisations

Our expertise could stimulate new developments in your research project, or help drive innovation in your organisation - you can access the best of our research through our business services.

Our unique interdisciplinary teams have developed an unparalleled and wide-ranging perspective to their research and a world-class reputation for excellence. Members of our research teams combine their extensive expertise in tackling complex research challenges, bringing knowledge to all kinds of organisations looking for innovative solutions.

Bringing expertise to your organisation

Working closely with business, government, public and third sector bodies, we are developing and extending our range of knowledge services, to ensure our research is available to all our contacts and customers.

Each of our academic schools is working on new ideas that could provide significant benefits to your organisation. From English to Psychology, and from Mathematics to Music, there is a world of expertise available to you and your organisation.

Contact us for information about our services and the ways we can work together:

  • Research projects and collaboration
  • Funding schemes
  • Consultancy services
  • Opportunities to discover our latest innovations and license our intellectual property
  • Access to facilities and specialist services

We look forward to working with you.