Case Studies

Please find below a list of case studies:

Quotes from past Associates

The KTP program has been an excellent opportunity for me to gain real work experience whilst being able to continue professional and academic development. As well as experience of project management, I have been able to complete a professional qualification and gain membership to a recognized professional body.
Mark Atkin, KTP Associate, Anchor

The KTP project at Arena fast tracked my career from junior manager to company director within three years. I now have the chance to shape many communities in the North of England and build an excellent reputation in my chosen profession.
James Robbins, KTP Associate, Arena Housing

KTP is so much more than critical financial backing: its success in adding value is woven into the whole KTP ethic and the shared objective. In KTP programmes, achievements are only the natural outcome.”
Dr Mohammed Al-Jafari, KTP Associate, Authentix

The KTP experience is a very challenging but highly rewarding one. I have no hesitation in encouraging any highly-motivated graduates to avail themselves of KTP. I not only gained industry-recognised qualifications, but enhanced my management and communication skills.
Elizabeth Murray, KTP Associate and recently appointed Quality Assurance Officer, Bio-Kinetic

What other programme would allow you to do a further engineering degree and higher management award on company time, pay for your training and development, send you away on four weeks of training modules and allow you time to be in university conducting your own research experiments?
Cameron Fraser, KTP Associate, Caledonian Alloys

Through KTP, I was able to gain extremely valuable commercial, technical and managerial experience. Working in a small company, with the input of the University, enabled me to develop the interpersonal and managerial skills vital in today’s knowledge economy.
Dr Andrew Smith, KTP Associate, M and I

When I applied to be a KTP associate, I was looking for something different and interesting to do, which would allow me to make a difference. What I found was much more: a unique chance to gain professional experience of a very senior nature within a relatively short time, develop my research interests, gain additional qualifications and fast-track my career, all at the same time.
Sonja Derrick, KTP Associate, Plymouth NHS

The KTP programme has been a fantastic opportunity for me. I could not have imagined being central to such a large and challenging project so soon after graduating.
Ben Chadwick, KTP Associate and recently appointed ‘Exactrak’ Project Manager

It was the most enriching experience ever. It has prepared me well for the future, both at a personal and a career level.
Borja Ramirez, KTP Associate, Unilever

Overall, the KTP experience has been one of the best in my working life. The access that I have been given to resources, training, professional development and equipment has enabled this to be a highly successful partnership.
Sarah Nunn, KTP Associate, Young’s Home Brew