Benefits for graduates

As a graduate you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop a portfolio of personal, business and management experience
  • Complete NVQ management modules to aid personal and career development
  • Work towards a masters qualification (if appropriate)
  • Have real paid employment

What experience do you need?

The graduate (or KTP associate) is matched to a KTP project by defining the specific skills and knowledge required to carry out the work. Some projects require further degrees like PhD or Masters qualifications at the outset, but the scheme is mostly aimed at graduates with good first level degrees.

Finding the right KTP for you

Vacancies are advertised nationally through the KTP network, University careers services and locally. Sussex graduates can find the current KTP vacancies through our Careers and Employability Centre or visit the national KTP website.

NB. You must NOT have been employed at the company previously.

How long is a KTP project?

Typically projects are around 2 or 3 years.

What support will you have?

During the course of the project, you will be supervised by both the academic (for the knowledge input) and the company manager to ensure expected project targets are met, to aid problem solving and project development. You are expected to give regular project progress updates through reports and presentations.