Benefits for your organisation or business

So what are the business benefits of getting involved with KTP?

  • To achieve some strategic developmental work to take the company forward commercially and increase profits, that would otherwise not receive focus because of operational constraints
  • New technology and skills are transferred into the company and embedded into the business
  • Grant support (67% for small businesses up to 250 employees and 50% for corporate organisations)
  • Support from your university and the opportunity to build strong relationships
  • The opportunity to employ the trained graduate at the end of the project
  • Providing meaningful project work for a graduate to gain skills in applying accrued knowledge

Examples: Designing a new product range, improving your manufacturing process, providing a responsive and dynamic business strategy, increasing business capability through e-commerce, reducing costs through waste elimination and better management of resources.

Businesses which participate in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships often go on to have long term partnerships with the university. Many of the companies we work with also benefit from the other services the university offers business, including consultancy, student placements and graduate recruitment. Contact us to find out more at or T 01273 87 7554.