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University of Sussex academics respond to Chancellor's Plan for Jobs

8 July 2020

Rishi Sunak advised by our experts that billions more public funding needed to fix the leakiest, least energy efficient housing in Europe.

Made in England?

3 July 2020

Why the UK Government wants Korean and Japanese goods to have same trade benefits as home made products.

UKTPO contributes to Parliamentary deliberations on trade policy

30 June 2020

The UK Trade Policy Observatory has made significant contributions to the ongoing Parliamentary discussions about the future of UK trade policy.

Apply now: new government scholarships available for post-graduate degrees in AI and Data

29 June 2020

Apply now: new government scholarships available for MSc Human and Social Data Science, taught in collaboration with the Business School

Resource curse or resource blessing: How major oil discoveries keep autocrats in power

25 June 2020

Oil is the most effective natural resource when it comes to keeping despots in power, new research shows.

Role models: The need for responsible modelling in the age of pandemic

24 June 2020

Too many examples of coronavirus modelling have been insufficiently transparent about their uncertainties and too precise in their claims.

Young people’s trust in government damaged long-term by COVID-19

19 June 2020

Gen Z are likely to have less faith in elections and their own governments for the rest of their lives as a result of growing up during coronavirus,

Black Lives Matter: An open letter to Business School students and staff from Professor Steven McGuire

17 June 2020

Professor Steven McGuire, Dean of the Business, responds to Black Lives Matter, and sets out next steps to facilitate open dialogue.

How the coronavirus pandemic is adding to the world's slave labour workforce

16 June 2020

The economic disruption created by coronavirus could trap hundreds of thousands more workers around the world in modern slavery working conditions.

The bureaucratic nightmare facing UK exporters on New Year’s Day

8 June 2020

UK firms may need to bring in inspectors from the EU to ensure goods can leave for Europe without being subject to technical checks at the other end.

Items 11 to 20 of 483

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