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Energy Democracy in Neoliberal Contexts: Lessons from Aotearoa New Zealand

Tuesday 21 January from 13:00 until 14:00
Jubilee G32
Energy & Climate Seminar Series
Julie MacArthur

Join us for this week’s Energy & Climate Seminar on Energy Democracy in Neoliberalism, given by Julie MacArthur.

Operator splitting schemes for option valuation under the two-asset Merton jump-diffusion model

Monday 27 January from 11:30 until 12:45
JUB - G32
FAST Seminars
Karel In't Hout

Abstract Under the two-asset Merton jump-diffusion model, the value of a European-style option satisfies a two-dimensional time-dependent...

Economics Internal Research Seminar - Title: to be confirmed

Monday 27 January from 13:00 until 14:00
JUB - G32
Economics Internal Seminars
Diego de la Fuente Stevens (University of Sussex)

Abstract: To be confirmed

Chinese antibiotic innovation system

Wednesday 29 January from 13:00 until 14:00
JUB - G32
SPRU Wednesday Seminar
Yuhan Bao

Abstract: To be confirmed

Using Text Analytics Tools to Improve Online Reputation: Evidence from a Field Experiment and a Lab Study

Thursday 30 January from 12:30 until 14:00
JUB - G32
Strategy and Marketing seminars
Professor Andrea Ordanini

Abstract  With the advent of online review platforms, reputation management has become important for marketing managers. The extant literature...

Decision making in AI

Wednesday 5 February from 13:00 until 14:00
JUB - G32
SPRU Wednesday Seminar
Isabel Fisher

Abstract Decision making in AI: The case study of how want to channel AI to a positive effect by developing a tool that allows for ESG...

The Public Blockchain Ecosystem: An Empirical Analysis

Thursday 6 February from 16:00 until 17:30
JUB - G32
Accounting and Finance seminars
Felix Irresberger

Abstract  This paper examines the landscape of public blockchains, focusing on consensus protocols. We propose an empirical framework that...

Reckoning with Uber: can the sharing economy contribute to infrastructure resilience, support the low carbon transi

Friday 7 February from 13:00 until 15:00
JUB - G32
SPRU Friday Seminar
D'Maris Coffman (UCL)

Abstract  To be confirmed  Bio  To be confirmed 

What does the decline in pharmaceutical R&D productivity tell us about innovation in general?

Friday 14 February from 13:00 until 15:00
JUB - G32
SPRU Friday seminars
Jack Scannell

Abstract A striking contrast runs through the last 70 years of drug discovery, research, and development. Huge scientific and technological gains...

The School for Organisers

Wednesday 19 February from 14:00 until 16:00
JUB- 118
Organisational Behaviour/ Human Resource Management
Martin Parker

Abstract  In 2018, my book, Shut Down the Business School was published, and it made the argument that business schools teach capitalism. This...

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