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UKTPO annual conference on World Trade Policy: Back to the Future?

16 September 2020

At the end of the UK Trade Policy Observatory's third annual academic conference, it was announced that Professor Winters would step down as Director.

Online methods catalogue for sustainability researchers

14 September 2020

SSRP launches new Research Methods for Sustainability Catalogue at the SSRP Symposium, introducing methods available to sustainability researchers.

Economic Choices and Cognitive Diversity: A Window to the Human Soul

14 September 2020

Choices are typically explained in economics by a single variable: preferences.

Poverty, vulnerability and crime: What does Covid-19 mean for Nigerian street vendors?

7 September 2020

How do we reconcile lockdown and social distancing measures with the harsh socioeconomic realities of low-income countries such as Nigeria?

Professor provides thought-leadership to UN ECLAC on policies for post-pandemic reconstruction

24 August 2020

Professor Maria Savona was one of three thought leaders to provide comments on ECLAC policy recommendations.

Creative graduates more entrepreneurial and as employable as peers, new study finds

21 August 2020

Graduates in creative subjects suffer no deficit in earnings to students of supposedly “higher value” degrees such as biology, languages or psychology

Education Partnership for Promoting High Value Manufacturing Supply Chain Systems

14 August 2020

A new educational partnership offers graduates the opportunity to compete for emerging jobs in high value manufacturing supply chain systems.

Ingenuity - Impact through enterprise

13 August 2020

Launching in September, Ingenuity is seeking students and alumni who are interested in setting up an impact-led business to invest over £400,000.

Analysing Sustainable Development Goals in the Peruvian Amazon

30 July 2020

A new research project is working with an NGO responsible for managing a large area of rainforest on the Western frontier of the Amazon basin in Peru.

Parallel supply chain model proposed to Select Committee included in Committee’s recommendations

29 July 2020

Evidence to the International Trade Select Committee by the UK Trade Policy Observatory was included in the Committee’s recommendations to Government.

Items 1 to 10 of 486

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