How to become a mentee

Step by step

To take part in the scheme, you will need to submit an application. We will then start a selection and matching process to put you in contact with a suitable mentor.

  • The scheme is voluntary and relies on the participation of both parties to work successfully. However, you have the responsibility for arranging meetings and keeping the process flowing.
  • The programme is expected to run for the academic year, and pairs are welcome to continue past this point if they wish. We will ask you to submit your feedback at the end of the programme so we can evaluate its effectiveness.
  • We aim to match as many applicants as possible, but we can’t guarantee that everyone will be offered a place or that a suitable partner will be found.
  • The information you give us in connection to the programme will be treated confidentially. By applying to the scheme, you consent to us using and keeping this information, and you warrant that all data is correct.
  • Please submit your completed application form through the webmail.

How to apply

Fill in this mentee application form.

If you need any additional information or specific needs about the programme please contact:

Advice for applicants

Make sure you accurately complete the application form.

If you are already registered on the mentoring scheme, and/or you have attended a previous briefing session, you must still apply for the scheme again.

Becoming a mentee

Once you’ve been accepted to the Sussex Business Mentors Scheme, we’ll match you with your mentor. (See the timetable below for more info about timings.)

After you’ve been matched, you will be responsible for getting in touch and arranging the first meeting. You’ll need to meet regularly after that – we suggest four to six times over the course of the academic year.

Mentoring scheme – key dates

The mentoring scheme runs from approximately October through June each year. Students and mentors apply to participate in the scheme in September. See the mentoring calendar for key dates.