Commissioning video

Find out about producing University-branded videos for the Sussex website, our social media channels or third-party sites.

Reasons to use video

Video can be a powerful medium to reach the audiences you need to speak to most, wherever they are. Our in-house video experts can ensure your videos are on-brand and have the best chance of achieving the impact you are hoping for.

If you’re interested in producing a video as part a campaign, for marketing and recruitment, public information or any other purposes, first ask: why does your message need to be a video?

If you think video is the right medium, read our guidelines on starting a project and submit a project request.

We will review your request and get back to you. We may recommend formats other than video as the best solution for your message and audience.


If you’ve been commissioned to film and produce something on behalf of the University, follow our guidance for videographers. This means you will create accessible video content for the web.

Video and web accessibility standards

All video content created for our website must meet current WCAG web accessibility standards. This is to ensure all visitors to our website are able to understand video content.

Find out about creating web accessible video.

Embedding video on our website

Ensure that all video to be embedded has been uploaded to Vimeo. This is the University of Sussex video player of choice as Vimeo has:

  • no advertising before or during the videos
  • a customisable player that we can brand according to university brand guidelines
  • a better global reach, being easier to access in some countries
  • the ability to replace videos and retain analytics about old uploads
  • advanced privacy options
  • better video and audio quality
  • a large amount of storage allowing it to act as a data management system

If you would like help setting up and branding a Vimeo channel, email

If you are embedding a video on a webpage, use our video component. This will ensure your embedded video meets web accessibility standards.

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