Why become a Sussex Connect mentor?

You have the opportunity to help someone who shares your love of Sussex.

Mentoring is a powerful method of professional development, and it can benefit individuals across all job roles and functions, within any department or discipline. It is important however, to find the right mentee for you and a good place to start is to have something in common. 

By becoming a Sussex Connect mentor, you can not only improve your leadership skills and reflect on your own achievements, but you can potentially help change someone's world for the better, with whom you share the commonality of having come to Sussex.

Whether you are an experienced professional in your field, or a recent graduate just starting out on your career path, you can become a mentor to:

  • Support mentees to discover development needs and set their own objectives for professional growth
  • Allow mentees to raise issues, while occasionally clarifying and challenging
  • Encourage mentees to reflect on their beliefs, feelings, thoughts and behaviours, and to view issues from multiple perspectives
  • Help mentees to adopt a self-reliant approach to problem solving
  • Enable mentees to become effective decision-makers

Mentorship will change the world: Kam Phillips at TEDxCoMo

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