Volunteer Code of Conduct

We depend on our global network of valued volunteers, serving in a variety of roles, to enrich the student and alumni experience. The Volunteer Code of Conduct has been created to ensure that your volunteer experience is meaningful, productive, safe for all participants, and consistent with the values and ethos of the University of Sussex.

This Code applies to all volunteers working with the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) team at the University of Sussex including but not limited to, mentors, alumni consuls, ambassadors and those who have agreed to appear in materials promoting the University, as well as volunteer guest speakers.

On behalf of everyone at the University of Sussex, thank you, we are extremely grateful for your volunteer service.

As a volunteer for the University of Sussex you are expected to:

  • Always consider and protect the University’s good name and reputation, and comply with the following:
    • Do not use the University’s name or branding in any way which might negatively affect the University’s reputation.
    • Respect and comply with any guidance issued by the University relating to the University’s name and branding and/or alumni activities.
    • Only use the University of Sussex’s name and branding in connection with the volunteer work you do with the University, and not elsewhere.
  • Observe the University of Sussex’s values at all times in your interactions and align with our dignity and respect guidelines.
  • Advise students, prospective students and alumni to the best of your knowledge, but not make any commitments that may not be in your power to uphold.
  • Not use volunteer events or networks as a platform for promoting private enterprises or political views.
  • Work respectfully and in partnership with other volunteers and University of Sussex staff.
  • Respond to enquiries from students, alumni and staff in a timely fashion, checking in with the alumni office if you need further guidance before responding.
  • Respect confidentiality and safeguard any personal information you may see in relation to your volunteer role, including contact details or financial information, ensuring these are reported back to the University of Sussex Development & Alumni Office and then destroyed. (Read the DARO privacy notice here). Information must not be used for personal benefit.
  • Not accept any form of payment with relation to volunteer duties (other than reimbursement of expenses, when this has been agreed in advance with the Development and Alumni Relations Office).
  • Avoid any conflicts of interest and disclose involvement in other organisations, businesses or with individuals where such relationship(s) might be viewed as an actual or potential conflict between personal financial interests and that of the University of Sussex.

Our commitment to volunteers

  • The University of Sussex greatly values contributions from our volunteers. Our commitment to you includes ensuring:
  • We value your contribution, time and effort and treat you with the same professionalism and respect aligned with our university values.
  • We provide guidelines, support and resources needed for your volunteer role and training, where necessary.
  • We provide you with information about the University’s strategies, policies and procedures.
  • You have a contact point for any queries: alumni@sussex.ac.uk.

The University of Sussex reserves the right to remove a volunteer from any of our volunteering programmes if they fail to adhere to the code of conduct.

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