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Alumni from the University of Sussex are entitled to a discount off the standard tuition fees for full online Masters level programmes. The University has determined that the discount is 20% but reserves the right to vary this. The following terms and conditions apply to all University of Sussex alumni who wish to enter onto online Masters courses and receive the discount. For further information on the online courses offered by the University please visit our online course pages.


The following definitions apply to these terms and conditions:

Alumni Discount Terms and Conditions: means these terms and conditions

Course: means any current online masters programme unless (expressly excluded from the alumni discount scheme by the University in line with clause 4.2) and Your Course means Your chosen online course of study for which You have accepted an Offer

Discount: 20% or such other reduction to the Fees as is authorised by the University at the time of Your Offer and as particularised in the Offer Letter

Fees: means the fees for the Course as set out in Your Offer Letter

Offer: means an offer of a place on Your Course together with an Offer Letter

Offer Letter: means the letter from the University to You with confirmation of an Offer of a place on Your prospective chosen Course, the Fees and the Discount

Contract: means the Course Terms and Conditions, Offer Letter, Prospectus and the Alumni Discount Terms and Conditions

Course Terms and Conditions: means the terms and conditions for Your Course

Prospectus: means the online prospectus for Your Course in the year of entry

University: University of Sussex

“You” or “Your”: means an individual who is an alumni of the University and intends to apply for a Course

1. Variation in Discount

1.1 The University reserves the right to alter or amend the Alumni Discount Terms and Conditions at any point including but not limited to a withdrawal, reduction or increase of the Discount.

1.2 A Discount which has been specified in an Offer Letter shall apply notwithstanding any variations in the amount of the Discount or its withdrawal.

1.3 In the event of any conflict, the terms of an Offer Letter shall take precedence over the Alumni Discount terms and Conditions.

2. Eligibility for Discount

2.1 To be eligible for the Discount You must:

2.1.1 satisfy the Course entry requirements as set out in the Prospectus and/or Your Offer

2.1.2 receive an Offer of a place on Your Course

2.1.3 have graduated from an undergraduate or postgraduate course from the University of Sussex at any point since the University was granted its Charter

2.2 A Discount is available in addition to any scholarships awarded but cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

2.3 You shall provide the University with evidence of graduation from the University. The University shall at its discretion determine whether the evidence is satisfactory. If the University is not satisfied with the evidence provided it may refuse to grant a Discount.

3. Application of Discount

3.1 The Offer Letter will set out the Fees for Your Course and the Discount which will be applied to the Fees. When the Offer is accepted, these Alumni Discount Terms and Conditions shall form part of Your Contract with the University for Your Course.

3.2 For all courses where fees are paid on a modular basis, the Discount shall be applied to the Fees specified in the Offer Letter and payable for each module.

3.3 If You choose to transfer to another Course, the University cannot guarantee that You will receive a Discount for that Course.

3.4 The Discount is subject to compliance with these Alumni Discount Terms and Conditions and the Contract. If there is a breach, then clause 6 of these Alumni Discount Terms and Conditions shall apply and the Discount shall be withdrawn and the Fees shall be due and payable without the application of the Discount.

4 . Exclusions

4.1 The Discount is for a reduction in Course fees only and cannot be applied for any maintenance or other living costs. No cash or other alternatives are available.

4.2 The University reserves the right to exclude at its discretion specific courses from eligibility for the Discount including, but not limited to, oversubscription. Offer Letters for any Courses which are not eligible for the Discount will not contain any reduction in the Fees.

5. Your Obligations

5.1 You agree that You shall meet any conditions set out in the Offer Letter.

5.2 You agree that You shall provide the University with full and accurate information about your previous studies at the University together with evidence of your graduation (e.g. degree certificate). If You have not provided any required information or evidence before the start of the Your Course the University reserves the right to withdraw the Discount and/or Offer.

5.3 You agree that You shall pay all Fees when due to the University in accordance with the Offer Letter.

5.4 You agree to register on Your Course by or on the date specified in Your Offer Letter. If You do not, then the University does not guarantee that a Discount will be available for a later start date and will be subject to the policy in force at the time.

6. Withdrawal and Repayment Events

6.1 The Discount may be withdrawn by written notice with immediate effect if, in the opinion of the University acting in good faith:

6.1.1 You have been dishonest or misleading in the provision of the information or evidence to the University under Clause 5.2; or

6.1.2 You have not complied with Your obligations in the Contract including but not limited to payment of the Fees.

6.2 If the Discount is withdrawn pursuant to clause 6.1 You will be liable for the full Fees for Your Course as set out in Your Offer Letter and the Discount shall not be applied. Withdrawal of the Discount shall take effect from the date of the written notice. The University may also require You to repay to the University an amount equivalent to any Discount You have received up to the withdrawal of the Discount.

6.3 If the Discount is withdrawn pursuant to clause 6.1 the University may also terminate this Contract and withdraw You from Your Course.

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