Annual Sustainability Report Performance Dashboard

Environmental Performance Metrics
Performance metrics2018/192019/20
Total energy consumption on site (metered utilities and solar) (i) 274,761 Gigajoules 269,716 Gigajoules
76,322,510 kilowatt-hours 74,921,084 kilowatt-hours
Energy use from self-generated low carbon sources (solar and combined heat and power generations) 30,162 Gigajoules 36,461 Gigajoules
8,378,330 kilowatt-hours 10,128,083 kilowatt-hours
11% 13.5%
Energy use from renewable sources (green supply contract electricity and solar) 2,991 Gigajoules 13,192 Gigajoules
830,800 kilowatt-hours 3,664,536 kilowatt-hours
1.1% 4.9%
Total energy use from low carbon sources (green supply contract electricity, solar and combined heat and power) 30,162 Gigajoules 46,593 Gigajoules
8,378,330 kilowatt-hours 12,942,482 kilowatt-hours
11% 17.3%
Spend on utility bills (gas and electricity) – the spend quoted excludes off-campus houses Electricity: £3,091,830 Electricity: £2,325,871
Gas: £1,597,848 Gas: £1,200,662
Total: £4,689,678 Total: £3,526,533
Water consumption (the volumes quoted are for University use on campus only) 327,484 m3 291,118 m3
Water consumption per person 16.29 m3 per person 13.86 m3 per person
Water re-use (grey water recycling) Data not available To be confirmed
Total amount of waste generated (tonnes) – please note this excludes construction and project waste 2,548.122 t 1,306.418 t
% Waste recycled 433.181 t = 17% 307.492 t = 23.5%
Amount of food waste collected (ii) Total: 56.38 t Total: 57.77 t
% food waste collected going to anaerobic or aerobic digestion 100% 100%

i. Please note the figure for 2018/19 has been amended in November 2021 from that which originally published in the relevant year’s annual report on account of a different calculation methodology.

ii. This figure is calculated by Veolia with assumed weights of 52kg per bin. It includes all catering outlets on campus which have food waste bins, including our Chartwells outlets, IDS, Student Union and Sussex Innovation Centre. It also includes data from Chartwells about food waste going to aerobic digestor).

Socio-economic Performance Metrics
Performance metrics (for EDI related KPIs please refer to our EDI homepage)2018/192019/20
Total University expenditure £343,754,000 £282,484,000
University expenditure on arts and heritage (this includes spend at the Library, ACCA, listed buildings, the Keep, Brighton Pride and Brighton Festival) £8,251,000 £8,782,000
% first-generation students 26.2% 25.6%
% of low-income students receiving financial aid 16% 15.2%
Value of our Hardship Fund £199,721
(354 students benefitted from this)
(321 students benefitted from this)
Scholarships to students from Lower and Middle Income Countries 87 120 (i)
Percentage of employees on secure contracts (ii) 90.4% 92.3%
Total Research Income £38,000,000 £36,947,183
Research Income from industry and commerce


  • STEM: 1,583,000
  • Medicine: 131,000
  • Arts/Hums, Social Sciences: -12,000


  • STEM: 2,412,000
  • Medicine: 393,000
  • Arts/Hums, Social Sciences: 75,000

i. This figure of 120 scholarships includes part time students so it is equivalent to 101 full time students.

i1. This figure only relates to fully contracted University of Sussex employees.