Here at Sussex, our students and staff have the skills, resources, knowledge, connections, passion and enthusiasm to rise to all of the global sustainability challenges we face, and to build one of the most progressive and sustainable universities in the world.

Staff volunteering

We, as an employer, want to support and encourage all of our staff to take time out from their day jobs to support good causes in the community.

Our Volunteering Policy [PDF, 277KB] gives all employees on a contract of 12 months or more an allowance of at least two days per year (pro rata) to volunteer.

Find out how to book time off to volunteer and read more about our charities of choice for staff volunteering.

Green Impact 2023/24 – Staff Sustainability Champions

After a three year pause, Green Impact is back.

Register and log in to the Green Impact toolkit, where you can join your School or department’s team, or create one yourself.

Green Impact is the University’s staff sustainability action and awards programme for Schools, departments, and teams across the University.

Any and all staff can join or form a Green Impact team, regardless of your grade or your area of work. We’re looking for 1-3 members of staff from each department to form Green Impact teams across the University. You will receive support across the academic year to progress through an online toolkit of positive actions and projects.

By working together with staff in your area, you can:

  • make a real positive impact on sustainability in your department and at Sussex
  • learn more about sustainability
  • build connections among your colleagues
  • lead on actions and projects outside of your day-to-day role
  • compete and collaborate with teams in different departments
  • develop new skills.

Your team’s hard work will also be recognised with a prestigious Green Impact award for your department!

Green Impact is a nation-wide scheme run by SOS-UK, using a toolkit developed in partnership with the Sustainability Team to ensure the actions align with our Sustainability Strategy.

If you’re interested in joining Green Impact and receiving updates, you can join both the Green Impact Viva Engage channel and our new Teams Network.

You can also contact the Sustainability Team at sustainable@sussex.ac.uk to find out more about how to get involved in the scheme.