Our practical biodiversity projects

Find out how to get involved in biodiversity on campus.

Group discussing biodiversity ideas for the University of Sussex campus

In April 2022, we held the Big Biodiversity Conversation workshop where members of the Sussex community, including students, staff, researchers and local stakeholders, discussed and voted on five biodiversity projects that you can get involved with on campus:

  • Pollinators – This project aims to build bee hotels and hoverfly lagoons on multiple sites across campus. These will be monitored and can potentially be used in research and teaching. To get involved, email D.Goulson@sussex.ac.uk.
  • Love Your Scrub – This project will set aside an area of campus land for scrub regeneration. This will be monitored and has the potential for use in research and teaching. Read more about this project and find out how to get involved.
  • Psychology School Garden – This project has created a garden in the Psychology School courtyard at Pevensey I on campus. This garden will be used by psychology students and faculty and will facilitate studying the psychological effects of gardening. To get involved or find out more, email c.rae@sussex.ac.uk.
  • Swift and Bat Boxes – This project will install sets of bird and bat boxes on buildings around campus. These will be monitored to assess their impact on local species. To get involved or find out more, email Crispin.Holloway@sussex.ac.uk.
  • Orchards and Food Production – This project will plant an orchard of old Sussex varieties of fruit trees on campus. To get involved, email sustainable@sussex.ac.uk.

As well as choosing practical projects to improve biodiversity on campus, we invited experts from the University and local organisations to talk about their work and the importance of biodiversity.