How to add a new job to the WCM

  1. Upload job specification

    Log into the WCM, go to About us (in other sites), and select About us - live. Then go to Files and upload the job spec and further particulars as a pdf (the tile should read: Ref: 000 Further particulars including person specification.)

    Save the pdf to the 'Job further particulars' folder and open the pdf in a new tab.

  2. Copy job template content

    Choose the relevant template (academic/clinical academic/non-academic) in the WCM and copy the template content.

  3. Create a job page

    Go to the Jobs section (under the Pages tab in the WCM), select 'more options', then click on 'add a sub-page'

  4. Add job content to your page

    Paste the template content into the Page contents area. Then select 'Paste as Plain Text' (the icon with a folder and a T) from the editor toolbar and paste the advert content into the relevant sections of the template, including email addresses. (Find out how to insert an email link using the wcm.)

    Right click on the 'Download job specification link' and insert the job spec pdf link and amend the link text by changing the ref number and the file size. You then need to copy the relevant terms and conditions link for the vacancy and add this to the 'How to apply' section.

  5. Add URL and page title

    In the URL of this page box at the top of the page, add the job title and reference number as the URL with the words separated with hyphens e.g: research-fellow-human-computer-interaction-for-acoustic-levitation-1711. Then go to the Title box and add the job title.

    Don't include the reference number or contract type in the title.

    Save the page and select 'hide from navigation' under 'more options'.

  6. Add job details to main jobs page

    Go to the academic or non-academic posts web pages (depending on the job), and add the job vacancy details as per the format. Jobs are listed by closing date. 

  7. Delete jobs when they expire

    Check every few days for expired jobs and delete:

    • the job details from the academic or non-academic posts web pages
    • the relevant job post page
    • the relevant job specification pdf.