Our economic impact

The University of Sussex contributes £495 million each year to the UK economy and supports over 7,800 jobs, as outlined in our latest Economic Impact Report.

University of Sussex boosts UK economy by almost half a billion each year

  • Video transcript

    [INTRO MUSIC: Upbeat quirky pop]

    [Animated collage University of Sussex campus aerial view]

    Voice over: The University of Sussex contributes nearly half a billion pounds each year to the UK economy,

    (Text shows £495 million)

    Voice over: We support over 7,800 jobs across the UK….

    [Funfair bells ring as a hammer hits the target on a strength tester game]

    Voice over: 7,250 of these jobs are within the local region.

    [Number counter ticks and strikes a bell, as rock candy falls out of a dispenser)

    Voice over: 89% of our research...

    [Clicking sound as a microscope moves into place]

    Voice over: was categorised as world-leading or internationally excellent

    (footnote: Research Excellence Framework 2021)

    [Cartoon blinking sound as a giant eye looks through a microscope]

    Voice over: Our investment in research and innovation is estimated to boost the national economy by £31 million by 2030

    [Small pop sound as particles seen through the microscope transform into text “£31 Million”]

    Voice over:  We are creating real-world benefits and scientific breakthroughs, generating five new spin-outs...

    [Roller coaster sound as a single roller coaster track turns into five]

    Voice over: …and 37 new graduate start-ups in three years,

    creating business and job opportunities and attracting investment to the region.

    Voice over: After graduating,

    [Pings sounds as windows in the Meeting House turn to colour]

    Voice over: over 1 in 4 of our students found work in the region...

    [Pencil stroke sound as the number 1 is outlined, followed by seagull cry with a seagull photo]

    Voice over: With 40% going on to become key workers such as teachers, social workers and doctors…making a social impact

    [Small wooden block sounds as multiple hands touch letters from the word ‘impact’]

    Voice over: And contributing their skills and knowledge

    [Taps and click sounds as hands, chalks, scissors and a pencil move into the centre]

    Voice over: to local businesses and community.

    [Soundscape of seaside, stream train, trade and tourism with a cut out collage of local landmarks and icons]

    [END CARD. University of Sussex logo, with text ‘Ideas with impact’]

An independent report by Oxford Economics has measured the University of Sussex’s impact on the UK economy during 2020/21. The findings demonstrate the important economic and social contributions we make within the region and across the UK.

Our economic effects are measured in several ways, including:

  • impact of our operational spend
  • number of jobs we support and employment we provide
  • gross value and tax revenues generated from our activities
  • economic contribution from our students and the visitors we attract to the area
  • research and development expenditure in the region.

Through these positive effects, we are supporting ideas with impact.

  • £495 milliongross value-added to the economy

  • 7,800 jobs across the UK

  • £31.3 million boost to economy from R&D investment by 2030

Download full report [PDF 2.2MB]

To find out more about how our economic impact was calculated please contact collaborate@sussex.ac.uk for a copy of the report methodology. Please state if you require an accessible version of this document.

Reflection from our Vice-Chancellor, Sasha Roseneil

“We are a university with a global outlook, attracting students and staff from more than 120 countries. But we do more than educate. We carry out world-leading research, encourage innovation and contribute to national growth.”

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