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e-Submission and e-Feedback: Guidance for staff

Information and guidance for staff marking and supporting e-submissions at the University of Sussex.

In the 2021/22 Academic Year all assessment is being carried out online, except where specifically agreed by Schools. This includes assessment types, such as exams, tests and presentations, which did not previously fall into the e-submission routes and are not covered in the guidance below. Advice on these assessment modes and others can be found on the Teaching Online, Learning Anywhere site on Canvas. [requires login]

The e-submission and e-feedback process at Sussex automatically creates assignments in Canvas, based on assessment information in the University’s records database. Student submissions are automatically recorded and the entire marking and feedback release process can be conducted online, right up to the confirmation of marks for University Assessment Boards.

There are currently two routes for e-submission, which use different marking tools and have different technical requirements:

  • Canvas Turnitin: the most common route in use at Sussex, this allows for similarity checking using Turnitin, but only permits submission of a single file under 40mb in a limited range of file types. Accepted file types and sizes for a Turnitin submission.
  • Canvas Online: this route allows for the submission of multiple files of any type, but does not allow for similarity checking.

In addition, assessments may be set up as a Mahara Submission, requiring students to submit a portfolio created using the University of Sussex Mahara e-portfolio. All marks and feedback for a Mahara Submission are entered in Sussex Direct and these assessments are not created or managed within Canvas.

Who does what?

The table below outlines the different stages of the assessment process, who is involved and the systems used to complete each task.

1 Setting up assessments School Office Oracle Webforms (CMS)
2 Submitting work Students Canvas module sites
3 Viewing submissions Tutors, School Office Canvas module sites
4 Entering marks & feedback Tutors

Turnitin Feedback Studio or Canvas Speedgrader

5 Confirming & releasing marks Tutors, Assessment convenor

Sussex Direct 'Teaching' pages (final mark - all submission types, feedback - Canvas Online submissions only)

Turnitin Feedback Studio (feedback - Canvas Turnitin submissions only)

6 Moderating assessments Moderators, External examiner

Sussex Direct 'Moderating' page

Turnitin Feedback Studio or Canvas Speedgrader

7 Viewing marks & feedback Students, Academic advisers

Sussex Direct 'Study' pages (final mark including adjustments)

Turnitin Feedback Studio or Canvas Speedgrader (feedback)

Assessment data for each module are set up and managed by School Offices (normally Curriculum & Assessment Officers) using the Oracle Webforms (CMS). This data includes submission location (e.g. Canvas Turnitin), assessment mode, deadline, marking groups and marking roles. The information is used by the Student Systems and Records Office (SSRO) to create assessment instances for the current academic year, usually in the first week of teaching. This process also automatically creates an assignment for each e-submission in the relevant module site in Canvas .

It is important that e-submission assignments are not deleted and dates are not changed in Canvas, as this will create a mismatch with the University database and may lead to students’ assessment outcomes being recorded incorrectly.

If an assignment’s details are incorrect in Canvas, please contact your School Curriculum & Assessment Officer in the first instance.

Visit 'How to set up online assignments' on the Teaching Online, Learning Anywhere Canvas site for additional information [requires login].

Adding marking rubrics to an assignment

Marking rubrics can be used in both Canvas Turnitin and Canvas Online assignments. TEL have created a Rubrics resource on the Teaching Online, Learning Anywhere Canvas site. Or you can visit our webpage for more information about adding rubrics to e-submission assignments.

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