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Regulations for examinations and assessment

Find out about our regulations around exams and assessment at the University of Sussex.

Our regulations

The Examination and Assessment Regulations are approved by Senate and govern the way in which all taught students (undergraduate and postgraduate) are considered for progression and award at Sussex.

Our regulations ensure we are adopting best practice in relation to examination and assessment principles and processes, and that we are treating all students with equity and parity.

The Examination and Assessment Regulations below apply to students taking assessments in 2021/22, including students continuing their studies from previous years.

Full regulations

These regulations provide the formal documentation governing examinations and assessment.

They are split into two sections.

Section one

Section two

These regulations cover examination and assessment policies and procedures.

Changes to regulations

Significant changes to the regulations for 2021-22 [PDF 98.49KB] compared to the regulations in 2020-21. 

Exceptional Regulations 2020-21 [PDF 759.50KB] including the No Detriment policy agreed for Semester 1 and Semester 2 modules taken in 2020-21.

University of Sussex and Zhejiang Gongshang PGT regulations 2021-22 [PDF 882.08KB]

University of Sussex and Zhejiang Gongshang UG regulations 2021-22 [PDF 871.20KB]

Information for students on the regulations

See your degree explained on the Student Hub.

Degree outcomes statement 2021

The Degree Outcomes Statement 2021 [PDF 273.66KB] outlines the University's degree classification profile and the outcome of a review of associated processes and actions. 

IT outage policy

The University IT outage policy [DOCX 23.90KB] applies where there has been a significant IT outage, confirmed by IT Services, that materially impacts on student access to University systems for learning and for submission of assessment.

Forms for assessments

If a student comes to you with a query about an assessment, see our list of forms for assessment applications.

Giving feedback on our regulations

For information on how schools, external exmainers and students can provide feedback on the regulations, see processes for raising regulatory issues [DOCX 15.84KB].

Returning for a repeat semester or year

For students undertaking a repeat year/semester or returning from temporary/permanent withdrawal, the Learning Agreement 2021-22 [DOCX 20.28KB] should be completed.

The Learning Agreement Guidance 2021-22 [DOC 55.50KB] applies to all students on a repeat year/semester and students returning from temporary/permanent withdrawal.

Modes of assessment

See a list of all approved Modes of Assessment from 2019/20 [PDF 445.04KB]

Exceptional circumstances

See exceptional circumstances guidance on the Student Hub.

Reasonable adjustments

Find out about reasonable adjustments.

Submitting work and getting feedback

See information on the Student Hub on how to submit your work and get feedback.

More guidance

You can also go to:

  • your Academic Advisor: for academic advice related to your studies
  • the Student Life Centre: non-academic advice, welfare support and information regarding support available on campus and in the local area
  • the Student Support Unit:  SSU is a team of specialist advisors who support students with disabilities and mental health issues.