Technology Enhanced Learning at Sussex

Accessing Panopto

To view recordings

You can access Panopto through your Canvas modules. Within each module, you'll see a link to Panopto Recordings in the sidebar. This will display a list of all the recordings for that module. It will also allow module tutors to launch the Panopto recording software.

Alternatively, you can log into Panopto through a web browser.

Lastly, there are mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

To make recordings

The Panopto recording software is already installed in teaching spaces that are enabled for lecture capture.

You can launch the recorder from a desktop shortcut in these rooms, or through the Panopto Recordings link on your Canvas module.

You can also install the recording software on your personal devices. See the section below: How do I download Panopto?

On General Teaching Space (GTS) computers

Panopto is already installed in teaching spaces that are enabled for lecture capture. If you want another teaching space to have this facility, your School will need to raise this with ITS. 

On a Staff desktop or laptop (a computer provided by ITS)

Computers provided by ITS can install Panopto from the Software Centre. Please follow this ITS guide on installing software on managed computers.

Known issue for ITS provided Apple Macs

There is currently a known issue where permissions settings on University-managed Macs prevent Panopto from uploading recordings. To avoid this issue you will need to make the following change before making your first recording:

  1. Launch the Panopto application on your mac
  2. Go to the “Panopto” menu and choose Preferences
  3. The value for “Local recording folder” will be set as /Users/your name/Movies/Panopto Recordings
  4. Click "Browse" and navigate to the folder /Users/Shared/ 
  5. Select the option “New Folder” name it "Panopto Recordings" and click the option “Open”

This issue does not affect personal Macs (i.e. those not managed by the University). If you need further technical support please contact IT Services.

On your own desktop or laptop

You can download and install the Panopto recorder software on both Windows and Mac computers.

On a mobile device (iOS or Android)

You can download Panopto apps from the iOS App Store and Android Play Store.

If you are using a GTS computer or staff desktop, Panopto will automatically log you in. If you are on your personal computer or a mobile device and are having difficulties logging into the Panopto recorder, please follow the steps below.

On a Windows desktop or laptop

On a Mac or Macbook

On an iOS device

On an Android device

Panopto supports the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer (11), and Safari.

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