Sussex Asia Centre

Research Themes & Questions

Inter-Asian Dynamics Research Network

Amongst the themes and questions that members of the network will explore during the course of conferences and workshops include the following:

  • SingaporeReligion: What role have different religious traditions (e.g. Islam, Christianity, Buddhism) played in the emergence and sustenance of different forms of Inter-Asian connectivity?
  • The Environment: What role has the environment played in influencing the form taken by Inter-Asian connections? How far have changes in the environment led to transformations in the role played by different parts of Asia as locations for connectivity or disjuncture?
  • Trade and Commerce: Under what circumstances have traders and merchants been especially prominent in facilitating Inter-Asian connections? How far are merchants implicated not only in commercial connections but also flows of ideas? Which nodes have been important for interactions between Eurasian, West-East Asian, and Indian Ocean merchants, and what have the implications of such interactions been for Inter-Asian dynamics more generally?
  • Education & Health-related Migration: What forms of mobility for education (e.g. secular, religious, scientific) exist in Eurasia, West-East Asia, and the Indian Ocean worlds? Are there recognisable hubs for Inter-Asian knowledge exchange? How do new forms of Inter-Asian health tourism (e.g. between Kabul and Istanbul/Delhi) play a role in keeping old forms of connectedness vibrant and dynamic
  • Policy and Development: What role is played by the state in supporting/constraining Inter-Asian dynamics?
    What is the impact of regional organizations, such as SAARC?  How has the state viewed Inter-Asian dynamics? What forms of diplomatic activity (formal, everyday, religious, cultural) have been important in mediating Inter-Asian dynamics?