Sussex Asia Centre

Professor Maurizio Marinelli

The focus of my research is located at the crossroads of Chinese history, geography, politics and society with the aim to explore and better understand China’s self-positioning and its relationship with the rest of the world. Through an interdisciplinary lens, the exploration of China’s intellectual discourses of governance and its socio-spatial transformation becomes a means to engage with universally experienced themes, such as colonial-global cities, the impact of gentrification on living heritage, and the search for global prosperity. I have studied for many years the transformation of the hyper-colonial port-city of Tianjin (1860-1945) and its recent globalizing ambitions using the lens of histoire croisée (entangled history). I published my findings on Tianjin’s urban transformation in two books (Palgrave, 2014, 2017) and numerous articles. I am part of the AHRC Network ‘China Ports: History, Heritage and Development’ led by Nottingham University, and the knowledge network ‘River-cities in Asia’. My research has been published in several languages in various journals, including Theory and SocietyEmotion, Space and Society, China Information, Urban History; China Heritage Quarterly, Cultural Studies Review, Journal of Postcolonial Studies, and more recently in a co-edited special issue in the Journal of Chinese Political Science. I am currently writing a new book entitled Hong Kong: Street Markets, Street Hawkers and the Fight against Gentrification.