Sussex European Institute

The Politics of Ethnicity, Citizenship and Migration

This key SEI personnel working on the politics of ethnicity, citizenship and migration in Europe (and beyond) are currently Professor Shamit Saggar and Dr. James Hampshire. The former's work on ethnic minorities in Britain is an outstanding case of applied research of direct use to policy-makers in government, and is complemented by Hampshire's closely related work on immigration and citizenship. After periods of secondment to the Cabinet Office and the Law Society, Shamit Saggar is currently completing a monograph on Muslim extremism in European democracies for publication by Oxford University Press, while James Hampshire is working on a monograph about the politics of immigration in liberal democratic states. Both have close interdisciplinary ties with the Sussex Centre for Migration Research (see, while James Hampshire participates in the EU's Network of Excellence on International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion, thereby extending links with European migration research networks.

Current research plans include the development of projects on three related themes: the domestic and international politics of immigration policy-making in Europe; citizenship and immigrant integration policies; and social exclusion among ethnic minority communities, particularly European Muslims.