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European Parliament Qualitative Research Network

Furthering understanding of the EP

Aims & Rationale

With the enhanced powers and prestige the European Parliament has received through successive institutional reforms, most recently the Lisbon Treaty, the European Parliament has increasingly attracted academic attention. Since the introduction of co-decision, a great deal of valuable statistical analysis has been done on voting behaviour within the parliament and on its relationship with other EU institutions. However, whilst this research has contributed significantly to explaining institutional behaviour and outcomes, there remains a need to further enhance our understanding of processes, interactions and behaviour occurring within the EP.

We currently know less about the everyday life and functioning of this institution and the interactions, socialisation processes and relationships that occur within it, all of which contribute to policy processes. There is a need to close this gap and qualitative methods and research can help us to do so.

The aim of the EP Qualitative Research network is to bring together those carrying out qualitative research at the EP and to present their work and findings to a wider audience of interested people: academics, practitioners and the public. The network is for established academics as well as postgraduates taking their first steps along the academic pathway. We hope it will provide a space for the exchange of ideas and sharing of research experiences for those using and engaging with a range of qualitative methods.

We have gathered here the qualitative and quantitative publications we are aware of on the EP, but please feel free to send us any recommendations you have and any we have missed! The site also draws attention to other qualitative literature you may find useful as well as links to the pages of those currently working on the EP. We are also happy to publicise any relevant events you may be holding or attending.