Connector Programme

How students and staff make positive change together.

The Connector Programme sees students and staff working as equal partners; learning, innovating and co-creating together to improve the student experience at Sussex.

In this OfS-funded and supported programme, areas of work are identified across the University which would benefit from a co-creative approach between students and staff, from embedding technology in learning to co-designing new modules to increasing student engagement with schools and services. Student and Staff Connectors have equal input and responsibility as they work together on key areas, finding solutions which truly reflect the needs and wants of our community.

The Connector Programme supports the Sussex 2025 Strategic Framework as an essential aspect of Learn to Transform and is funded via our Access and Participation Plan. It promotes a collaborative, inclusive and student-centred approach, with Connectors positioned to make meaningful contributions to the development of the university whilst gaining the skills and knowledge to succeed during and after university.

Staff are warmly invited to start working with Connectors, across any area of the university. See the Connector Programme FAQs to learn about current Connector teams at work and for more information on how to engage Connectors in your school or department. You can also contact the team on

Spotlight on...

Staff Connectors


Susan Smith

Associate Dean at the University of Sussex Business School

“Working with Connectors helped us gain a student perspective which had been lacking in prior work related to assessment and feedback . . The [staff and Connector] relationship was positive and proactive with all team members working to understand each other’s perspectives.”

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Maddie Taylor

Spirit of Sussex Award Manager

Students feel empowered to make meaningful changes to projects that affect them, and as a staff member I hand over trust and responsibility to students in a way that I haven’t in other staff-student relationships.”

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Clare Hardman

Academic Skills Manager

“Students are now atthe centre of what we do. Our Connectors are passionate and they want to make changes –it is inspiring and exciting to work with them. Their voice reminds us of things that are important to students and helps us to focus on how we deliver our academic skills services.”

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Student Connectors


Georgia Shakeshaft

Media Studies

"I think it [co-creation] is hugely beneficial to the university as all resources are better allocated and students will be happier in the long run – by knowing they had input, that their voices matter and they made a difference and for the students who see the results of those actions"

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William Howlett

Sociology and Criminology

"Any career or job you wish to move into in the future, the Connector role is able to provide experience and skills to take with you."

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Hafsah Butt


"I have done things which I would never had imagined I would have the opportunity to do; demonstrating the exciting and constantly changing nature of the job where no two tasks are the same."

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Contact the team

Team email

Polly Wallace-Kruger, Student Engagement and Co-Creation Advisor
01273 872563

Rhiannon Suchak, Connector Programme Intern

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